New products… New Point of Sale

Here at TPI  it’s always great working on new projects we are always delighted when we are involved with and work closely with our customers on a new product launch to the market.

new product

Being involved at the conceptual stage is an added bonus as we are given relevant foresight into what the client is willing to do to create awareness of their new product and also help their customers share in the enthusiasm and excitement of this new offering.

When we are involved at this stage, we can develop 3d visuals and samples for all types of in store POS and help our clients communicate this effectively when meeting with their customers. We are seen as advisers using our wealth of experience as a guide to what will or will not be positively received. It helps everyone to visualise what can be done and how an ideal store can look. This will help our clients to acquire buy in from large and small retailer clients.

The TPI design and structural teams work together to develop and test POS. On some projects they will look at using all kinds of materials and visual enhancements like motion sound sensors, motors and lighting. The pieces are designed to be visually appealing yet functional in store and that will ideally drive sales of their new product.


The combinations of die cut shapes and structures are endless and it is always fascinating to see what emerges from an initial concept or design. The structural designers try and take as much inspiration as possible from current trends and customer shopping behaviour insights – essential tools for FMCG marketeers.


We love nothing more than to be seen as part of our customer’s team and to use our knowledge working with them on something that they are excited about. It is always fascinating to be part of the journey from the initial concept for the product’s point of sale to finish displays and it is extremely satisfying to hear positive performance results such as an uptake in sales and happy faces!

Alexandra Mahony

Account Manager

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