Lights… Motion …. Action

Have you ever thought about adding something a little extra to your point of sale display?

Maybe you have a new product launch or you want to increase your current brand presence in store, so why not add some lighting or motion to your point of sale?

Studies indicate lights and motion can provide a 40% Increase in Product Awareness and led lights and motion motors can be easily added to almost any piece of promotional print.

Led lights in particular are a very inexpensive and a long lasting way of adding to the effect and catching the customers eye, they come in a variety of colours and used cleverly they can really add to your design. Similarly clever utilization of motion motors can see your products and logos moving in all kinds of different rotations.

Budgets are always a concern,  so why not use led lighting and motion for your flagship or high footfall stores, produced alongside a more standard equivalent, giving you the extra effect when needed.

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