Haven’t Got a Butchers?

Maybe it’s just me, but in recent months there seems to have been a huge number of enquiries coming in from meat brands looking to spruce up their visibility at deli counters. A welcome trend! Gone will be the bland hunks of meat sitting behind the glass – which (speaking as a vegetarian) hold little visual appeal. A big welcome to the addition of personality, stand-out and real visibility!

Given that the Craftbutchers Speciality Foods Final was being hosted at the SHOP Expo in the RDS last week, it’s little coincidence that there were a large number of butchers and meat brands in attendance.

That said, a significant proportion of the interest shown at The Printed Image’s stand came from these “meat men” looking to “season” their outlets / brands a little more effectively! I’m hoping to get a few orders out of this now, but if nothing else, between the phone enquiries and the interest we got at SHOP, it would seem that butchers, wholesalers and deli brands are actually picking up on the point that POS materials do serve a purpose and will help create cut-through to the consumer!

Butcher, baker, chocolate-cake-maker… for any brand or operator attempting to feed the masses, you need to make some noise out there!

Whether its window pelmets and hanging boards for your shop, or 3D shelf strips and floor graphics for your brand’s in-fridge visibility, our job at The Printed Image is to help you figure out how best to present your wares to the nation’s eaters… I mean consumers!

This is our bread and butter – we’d be happy to help you find a solution that meets your needs and fits with your budget!

Best Regards,
Jenny Langley


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