Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort, the real-life Wolf of Wall Street brought his live seminar to Dublin’s RDS on Tuesday 27th May. To see if we could pick up some handy pointers, Terena (Sales Executive) and I attended along with some of TPIs clients who had won tickets through our competition.


Arriving at the RDS, throngs of people queued to enter. There was a great buzz in the air and an anticipation of a great, entertaining night ahead.

The seminar started 45 minutes late but got off fast and the opening lines really captured your attention. He cracked a lot of jokes at his own expense and touched on some of the more colourful aspects of his past before asking the audience to stand and bang their chests and chant a la Matthew McConnaughy in the movie. To our surprise this was just his way of making a complete laugh of us as this part (along with most of the other great bits of the movie) was purely fictional.

The seminar was based on Straight Line Sales and primarily focused on how to achieve success and make money. Some of the pointers were really worth sitting for almost four hours listening to someone talk! He certainly has a way of public speaking that will drag you in.

Unfortunately for me the evening dragged on slightly too long and the blatant sales pitch throughout its entirety for his own line of “self-help” packages, including courses and online material really ruined what could have been an informative and enjoyable night.

This guy has succeeded profoundly and failed epically and he really knows his stuff. His charisma alone is enough to bowl you over. What did I take away from the night? When I’m good enough to have thousands of people in hundreds of countries pay top dollar to come listen to my sales pitch, then I’ll know I’m doing my job right.


Mary Lennon

Sales Account Manager

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