Why I will be watching the 2014 World Cup – from a non football fan’s perspective.



Here at TPI we are always working ahead on the next season’s Point of Sale items. So as I look at POS for the upcoming WorldCup come hot off the press it got me thinking about football and this year’s World Cup.

Despite us not qualifying this year, we will no doubt make the European Championships in 2016 under the stewardship of great manager Martin O’Neill and of course the legendary Roy Keane. I admit I am not a football fan however I do have enough knowledge on these guys to understand that they probably know what they are doing, so… I am expecting big things!

Even without Ireland being around to pick up the trophy there are a few reasons why I’ll be watching some of the games this summer and why World Cup football appeals to me. Some food for thought for non football fans!

Other than the obligatory summer weather discussions it will be refreshing to talk about this major tournament set on the World Stage.

It gives people the excuse to enter office sweeps for a bit of fun and friendly competition.

Soccer is the perfect sport to watch while you’re doing other things. The constant soothing sound, a never-ending din of cheering and singing in strange languages can have a calming effect. It might be because I only have to glance at the TV every so often to still know what’s happening. So when something seems like it might happen, the energy levels in the commentator’s voice will slowly rise when a player is close to the goal –this will bring me back to the game and then once a goal is scored my attention is captured leaving me thoroughly entertained watching players celebrate by doing all sorts of weird backflips, cartwheels and other interesting forms of gymnastics.

Each game feels like life or death. From the players on the field to the die- hard fans in the stadium there is always a huge amount of tension with an impending sense of dread, and then when something goes wrong the tears of sorrow and decimation are evident on every one of the losing team’s faces – for the winners it’s relief and pure joy with opposing tears of happiness. A true soap opera!

Penalty shoot outs are the most exciting part of a World Cup game and definitely worth the 30 mins of extra time despite the near heart attacks they may cause.


I find the post game ritual of players exchanging sweaty jerseys questionable from a hygiene perspective but all the while hilarious!! I can only imagine what I would say if a player, drenched from running around in 40-degree heat for an hour and a half, handed me his shirt!

I love watching the feigning of serious injury by way of flopping and diving. It is so amusing to see these players drop like they were beaten across the head, then they roll around for 10 seconds in absolute agony, heroically hop up and limp around to “shake it off,” and within 30 seconds they’re running full speed again!


So if the reasons above are not good enough to get you to pick a team you would love to follow this World Cup and switch on this summer to watch what could possibly be described as some great theatre and have a bit of craic with your friends whilst doing so.. well I suppose there is always The US Open, Wimbledon and the Tour de France!


Alexander Mahony

Account Manager


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