To Arthur!

We are lucky enough to have been involved in a small way printing some of the POS for the big day today.

Arthur’s Day is a day when commercial reality meets a great feeling for tradition that is in all of us Irish people. We don’t know but maybe it was a smart marketing ploy rather than the great man’s actual 250th birthday that made the first Arthur’s day a reality in September a short few year back. But seeing what has happened since, how it has grown and how it is now understood in Ireland and across the globe as a day of celebration of a unique individual we in TPI are very glad it happens every year.

We can celebrate and remember a Irish man who had the vision and drive to create a really brilliant product. But this was a guy who also had the wherewithal to build a business that survived him and then flourished worldwide hundreds of years after his passing. How many people could do both of those things, coming up with the idea and developing a lasting business in the one life time? How many of us are going to be as famous as the Great Arthur Guinness is 250 years after our death?

So we say to Arthur….let your hair down and have your knees up tonight and paint the town black in honour of a great Irishman.

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