Tips on writing tenders!

Criona Turley

Commercial Director TPI


One area of responsibility as Commercial Director is responding to Tenders. I studied English in University, so believe it or not, I usually enjoy writing these documents. After completing quite a few of these in the last couple of years, I have put together a few tips for those submitting an RFT response:

  • Use the template or format requested.
  • Most RFT documents request a specific format. Many even supply a template.
  • Never ignore this request. It can often be a pass/fail criteria.
  • Keep your document clear, logical and well organised. Diagrams or visuals can help to break up blocks of text.
  • Provide all relevant details. Make a check list and work from it when putting the document together.
  • Address each of the selection criteria. Provide examples of previous similar work.
  • Allow time to proof-read your tender document before submitting. Try to get a colleague to read it also and look for feedback.
  • Make sure your document is complete. Missing sections and incomplete items may get you disqualified.
  • Presentation is important. Put some thought into how you want to physically produce the document. Don’t be surprised when you print it out and find it is too big for the folder you usually use!
  • Deliver your tender on time. This is where lots of people fall down. Carefully check the delivery time and work well within it. Allow time for delays. Most tender processes are very strict about cut off points and even if staff want to accept them after that point, they will not be allowed.

Happy hunting!

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