Standing out from the crowd!

In a busy shopping environment how can you ensure your product doesn’t become the Moon Walking Bear?

Shoppers have become a much more savy bunch, with reduced weekly budgets, consumers are much more controlled about their spending and actively seek better value for money with special offers and own-brand products.

However, while consumers are indeed sticking to their shopping list (65% of consumers are making shopping lists prior to the shopping trip), quantitative shopper research indicates that shoppers are still making brand decisions 60% of the time after entering the store*

So with this good news, how can you ensure you make your product stand out and be the lucky “un-planned” purchase?

Here at TPI we have a team of specialist Structural Engineers accompanied by our Creative Team, whose job it is to pro-actively create innovative Point of Sale solutions for our clients, ensuring their brands stand out in an ever more crowded market place. From wobblers and floor graphics to large Gondola end displays and in-store theatre we can advise on the effectiveness and full potential of these pieces to ensure you get the Sales Increase you need.

Some examples and statistics for you:

Gondola ends:

  • 1/3 Un-planned purchases take place at end-caps*
  • A well designed and installed gondola end will leave consumers in no doubt of the Brand and Value you have on offer.

Cadbury Point of sale promotional print

In-Aisle signage:

  • Over 51% of un-planned purchases take place in-aisle.
  • In a crowded aisle make sure your product stands out from your competitors with effective design and eye-catching point of sale.

Coke point of sale promotional print

For any more information or contact , please contact the or Elaine on 01 4089222

*“Gone in 2.3 Seconds: Capturing Shoppers

with Effective In-store Triggers”

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