Seamus Smith visits TPI

Today TPI were delighted to welcome Seamus Smith to our facility. Seamus started Marksell, which later became Marksell Hobson Morris which grew quickly and became an integral part of The Printed Image.

Seamus was one of the first people to understand Marketing Print and POS was not meant to be decorative. It was and is about building brands and increasing sales.  Even his choice of Marksell was an amalgamation of marketing and selling. That said a lot about where he wanted to position the company in those early days. By working with leading marketers in companies like Beecham, now GSK, Baileys, Now Diageo, Recitts, Now Reckitt Benckiser he blazed a trail in the area of Irish Marketing Comms.

It was a huge honour to have him visit us in Font House to let him see where the work of our predecessors had built up here in TPI.

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