Rain-Activated Art

It is estimated that it rains 150 days of the year in Ireland. It seems more I know… There is no denying that we can’t get away from the rain so we have to look at ways to embrace it.

TPI specialise in Clever Customer Communications and are always on the lookout for quirky offerings that we could provide our clients. We came across a YouTube video recently which instantly caught our attention. Imagine street art that only shows up when it rains. Hidden when dry, these messages or images appear on pathways all over the country as a means to brighten your day, even when it’s grey and rainy!

1 rain

Imagine the opportunity for brands who could provide tailored messages in strategic locations based on the weather. “Get yourselves indoors quick, coffee shop 200metres this way”.


We spend enough time giving out about the weather in this country, it’s time to benefit from it. Check out the video below.

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