Out of the frying pan and into the fire!!!!!!!!!!!

Having worked in the Sales Department in TPI for over 10 years I was pretty sure I had seen and experienced it all when it came to pressure and managing tight deadlines. Dealing with both clients and colleagues under real pressure is a daily part of the job. It can be such a fast moving environment and I always felt it had trained me well in the art of organisation and juggling lots of requests and projects at one time.
Last July, I discovered to my absolute joy that I was going to be a Mammy and it was with great excitement that I began to let friends and colleagues know of my news. It’s a funny time, you know everything is changing with this little person being created inside you but normal life needs to resume and there were so many days when the whole experience seemed a little surreal. I was so lucky that my pregnancy all went well with everyone offering support and best wishes while all the time being selective with the full truth which I am grateful for now! As it turned out little Matthew arrived on the 16th of April in Holles Street.
I knew it would be tough, what with the lack of sleep and total new routine but nonetheless I was still very surprised at how this tiny 6 pound 9 ounce person could arrive and turn life as I knew it completely on its head. Elaine and Terry became Mammy and Daddy, full time workers with no breaks and very demanding deadlines, the likes I have never known!
3 months on, I am settling into my new role, the job description still changes frequently and my new boss is still keeping me on my toes but it has been such a great experience. He is a wonderful little guy who in his short life has given us so much fun and reason to be thankful. You could also say he has been a little bit of a lucky charm, since his arrival we have seen the best weather I can ever remember, the Dubs winning two Leinster Finals and Liverpool being unbeaten (very important to Matthew’s Daddy), he has certainly brought some good times since his arrival. What a wonderful thing for this little fella to be coming into a world surrounded by fantastic family and friends, all ready for an exciting life full of enjoyment and opportunity.

Elaine O Rourke.

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