I began interning in the Marketing and sales department in TPI at the beginning of September this year. I am studying for a Marketing Degree and chose to pursue TPI for my internship because of their unique structure offering every kind of print marketing option you can imagine. If it can be customized or printed on, TPI can do it.
Coming into this vast, immaculately kept building was quite intimidating from the outside but as soon as I entered the doors I felt welcome.

My first day I was taken around and introduced to everyone, little did I know that I was to remember each and everyone’s names from that point on or I would have brought a polaroid and a pen. To say business here is fast paced is quite the understatement. From the off I was given multiple tasks all involving different departments and individuals and left to it. Names I could not recall the according faces with, so I spent quite a lot of time walking up to people and engaging conversations with ‘hey, would you be the right person to ask…’. Thankfully everyone is patient and kind but they must have been sighing every time I came after them for an answer they couldn’t give me.

The phrase sink or swim constantly came to mind in my first few weeks. I will admit for a short time I did feel like I was sinking. There is always something that has to be done urgently here and somehow I ended up feeling I was so busy I couldn’t give 100% focus on one thing as there was always so many other things to be thinking of.

If I was to speak to myself in that first couple of week I would say calm down and prioritise. It’s so easy in business and in life to let everything pile up which makes chipping away at workloads seem impossible. Defining the importance rather than the urgency can give you a clear head and proactive approach to getting things done.
I am still learning and finding my feet here at TPI and although I am constantly challenged, I’m loving every minute.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Great piece Jess, so true! And don’t worry we all feel like that at times in the fast paced exciting world of pos & print. Your wise words of differentiating urgent from important are well worth remembering.

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