Need some New Ideas??

Our New Premiums 2012 catalogue is out now!
It’s packed full of ideas for your marketing & promotional activity, corporate gifts or employee incentives. We’ve added more ranges, more colours and have a great selection from low value through high quality.

If you would like a free copy please mail your name and company address to us.

There is a new mailing section which has a collection of versatile items that are flat, light and low priced. Since receiving post nowadays is a unique occasion (apart from bills!) direct mail can be a very successful way of reaching your target customers.
There is also a large range of iPhone and iPad accessories, desk items and with our 2012 year of sport we have plenty of items for supporters and promotional activity for your brand.

 All items are in stock and available within 2 weeks fully branded with your logo or message!

You might be interested to know that our products comply with all CE and similar directives and have passed all corresponding tests.

You can get an instant quote on any item online or just call or mail the Premiums Salesteam.
 We can give you an instant quote on a particular item or a list of suggestions for your event or promotion.

Need some inspiration, look no further than TPI Premiums.
TPI Premiums Salesteam:

Amanda or Shauna
Ph: 01 4089214/222

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