Looking for Pole Position

To most people April 22nd was just another day, it came, it went, no song and dance. However, for the thousands of political candidates running in this year’s Local and European elections, this was their D-day, for this marked the start of the race exactly one month out. From midnight on the 22nd the politics of posters took over and the party political beauty competition began in earnest

On the morning of April 23rd the country woke to the sight of large full colour posters gazing down on us all from a height. That motorway stretch, the busy junction, a giant lamp post was suddenly prime real estate, and all had been miraculously decorated overnight! They came in all shapes, sizes and colours, men and women. My own home town of Greystones managed to avoid some of the carpet bombing inflicted on other similar sized main streets and villages. On closer inspection we also managed to achieve the highest female candidate count in the country at 50%

But as you gaze up at the giant poster on that pole you can’t help but ask what is it exactly that these people stand for, and what can they possibly do for me. Many of the faces you haven’t seen in years and some you may have never seen before. With the prevailing apathy among eligible voters, it’s a surprise so many candidates are taking to the hustings at all. But they have, it’s a matter of survival, so there must be some merit in wallpapering our streets and roads with posters….. or do they really make any difference??


The humble poster certainly seems to be a defining feature of Irish political campaigns, providing much amusement to visitors who seem baffled by the vast array and sheer number of them. Ask any director of elections if they work and they will make it very clear how and why they work. For a lot of the candidates that you have never seen before, their poster is all about name recognition. Only when they have been recognised and registered with you can they then begin to win hearts and minds, so it serves as a very useful tool

Here at The Printed Image we are just coming down off election footing having handled design and print on thousands of large format POS and promotional items. The logistics involved was breadth taking but as we step out and the candidates step in, we can reflect on the many hues of our political spectrum that passed through our doors over the last eight weeks. What we did notice was that for the first time we handled work for all major political parties for the upcoming election.  For once it can finally be said that all our parties had one thing in common and were in agreement that TPI was their preferred printer of choice when it really really mattered. So when the circus comes to town and that hopeful candidate comes a knocking looking for your number one, it won’t feel entirely like a cold call. Both you and the politician will have already had the conversation started, thanks to the handshake that is the election poster!

Donal Dempsey

Senior Account Manager


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