It’s not you, It’s me.

Amanda Longmore

Director of Operations

I have to admit I do suffer with a bit of Janxiety and all these positive healthy people doing Plank a Day challenges, consuming nothing but juice for the month and running 10k before work, frankly just exasperate it.  And never one to follow the crowd I spent January huddled cosily in my cocoon (aka sofa) observing all the Paleo Wild Salmon & Organic Spinach soup recipes from the comfort of my ipad scoffing leftover chocs and vino from Christmas!


This couldn’t go on…….the wine and chocs were running out.
While lazing about I came across an interesting website FacebookFreeFebruary challenging us to “reconnect with yourself” by deactivating your Facebook account for one month.

Although a global event, locally it’s also charity linked with former Wexford Hurler Diarmuid Lyng encouraging people to partake.  The GAA man is supporting Soar, a youth initiative which aims to “empower and inspire young people to think big and follow their heart”.

No one is knocking social media but hey like TV sometimes it can educate or entertain you and other times it can just be a massive waste of time… some cases it can be toxic and that’s what Diarmuid Lyng’s concern was.

I loved the idea of “design your own February… To organise a dinner with new friends. To go for a walk… To read more. To write. To dance”….

And as we are so lucky in Ireland to observe the Gaelic calendar so our Spring season starts a month earlier, what better time than February to ‘Stroll not Scroll’!

So I spent my Saturday night with a former guilty pleasure. Come Sunday, I broke up with Facebook, for awhile at least.   Facebook you are great, it’s not you, it’s me.
I want my life back, to read books, to post birthday cards to my friends & family, to call my friends for a real chat, to be fully present with my loved ones, to soak up the atmosphere when my dinner date leaves the table, to enjoy the scenery from the park bench, to just ‘be’ with the silence and enjoy…


And how has it been? Calm. I definitely feel the calmness, I’ve had time for walks, watched movies, built an entire Lego fire station, dropped over to friends and even started a book.
I don’t miss the ‘what I had for dinner posts’. I can even categorically say it has saved me money not seeing all my fav fashion posts.  I don’t feel the need to check.
What I do miss is the news – like 27% of people I use Facebook primarily as a source of local news so while I don’t have a great Fear of Missing Out I do find myself a little less aware. I have fallen off the wagon in that regard but already know the future will be different for me and Facebook. The ‘break’ has taught me new things, I’m fitter, happier and more productive.  Everything in moderation as they say.  I have cut out the crap and use it less frequently for news and keeping in touch with faraway friends.
For that, for me, it’s an indispensable tool.

Amanda Longmore

Director of Operations


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