I never thought working would help…

Experts in peak performance often talk about the need for rest and relaxation before an important sporting event, I would have been a firm believer in this right throughout my football career. This year has worked out slightly different and all we all know now the result has been fantastic, Dublin landing the All Ireland for the first time in 16 years.

For those of you who don’t know the print industry, believe me it is very difficult to find time for rest and relaxation during the day. After we beat Donegal in the semi-final I had a conversation with Pat Gilroy, the Dublin manager, about ensuring guys with a lot of free time on their hands don’t weigh them down running over and over the match before it was even played. This can have a negative influence on performance as it drains the energy from you. We were particularly worried about students who we know have lots of free time for daydreaming. Whatever Pat did with these guys, it worked.

For me there was no such worry, I was particularly busy in the week building up to the All Ireland Final taking my mind completely of the match. In my eyes this was very much a positive thing as it left me very relaxed ahead of a huge game. Unlike previous years, where the only time I would get off the couch the week of a match was to eat and train, I was on the go all week and I never thought I’d say it…… I think being busy in work helped me perform in an All Ireland Final.

P.S. Thanks to everybody in TPI and elsewhere for all their support and encouragement throughout the year. Up The Dubs!

Alan Brogan.

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