How To Gain Sales in a Retail Environment

Free standing display unit by The Printed ImageMore that ever FMCG companies need that extra edge over the competition, they need to stand out in a crowded retail environment. Options are limited, especially if you have a reduced marketing budget and need that extra bang for your buck.

One great value, tried and tested method of promotion is point of sale display units… and they do work.

Free standing display units (FSDU) are a great method of both building brand awareness and simply selling more items. Given that they are free standing and out from the cramped shelves, they are giving you a great advantage. This coupled with our eye catching designs and strong branding give great influence over customers at a key stage of their purchase decision making.

Here at The Printed Image we typically engineer, design and print display units on ‘eb flute’ which is double corrugated cardboard, making them both cost effective and durable. They are also very easy to put together, saving valuable sales time for your team in trade.

Display Units are almost an essential part of any promotional campaign and their impact is not to be under-estimated.

Other printed display units include:

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