Holidays…Prawns and FSDUs

I always look at upcoming summer holidays through different eyes.
One- the excitement and fun of what lies ahead and 2 with dread at the thoughts of preparing for them -at home with all the last minute bits that need to be done buying suncream/ packing /organising keys for neighbours etc. And with a toddler in tow, you must not forget all the paraphernalia that you need to occupy them :
1. at the airport queuing up for check in/ on the plane
2. at the destination waiting for the hire car
3. at the beach… just keeping them busy and away from any hazards full stop!
Then the preparation at work/ letting clients know you are leaving (not forever mind you but for a couple of weeks!) the handover to ever so helpful colleagues making sure nothing has been left out or forgotten but the law of averages and Murphy will always throw a spanner in the works somewhere! But time nor tide waits for no man or woman so once you’re gone you are gone.
Now arrived at the holiday destination –which is Portugal and when all unpacking and prepping is done it’s time to relax, soak in the rays, enjoy the local Portuguese food and cheese and wine and more wine! But it is the following question that has prompted me to write this blog. When do people switch off from the daily routine be it work or home when on holidays? Everyone is different I guess and it all depends how busy and active the holiday will be and in my case the day after I arrived all thoughts of home and work disappeared as fast as my daughter running as quickly as her little 20 month feet could take her towards the deep end of our pool! But for anyone who is away, slowly (or quickly) but surely you get into holiday mode and really enjoy the time with friends or family.
During my time in Portugal there is no avoiding the supermarket shop especially if you are in self catering accommodation and I have to say I do enjoy this experience. It is a real eye opener and topic of conversation when you can do a weekly shop over there for under €100 which would cost just under €200 here! To see all weird and wonderful types of produce especially at the seafood counter, the scary teeth bearing eels/ the swordfish with its bill proudly on display. It’s great to be able to buy succulent tiger prawns the size of a small child’s arm and not have to worry about maxing out the credit card!!

As I’m standing waiting to be served at this counter my eyes wander to an FSDU. A 4 shelfed EB flute printed almost certainly screen process- not a bad looking unit I’m thinking however we’d probably do it better….as I meander down the aisles I notice a couple of permanent units branded with vinyls -again screen printed but definitely less dpi than we would produce. I think to myself that the POS is lacking in some areas of this store where displays would definitely look a lot better with a bit more printed materials….But then I notice some cleverly placed info shades along with some light boxes that spark my interest along with a neat looking FSDU with some acrylic incorporated into it.
So I think to myself even though on holidays, I haven’t fully switched off and my attention is still sparked when I see items that I’m interested in or new innovative ideas. Some food for thought when I get back to reality when eating those jumbo prawns with a glass of wine!

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