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I’m always inspired by creative people.  Especially those who take that leap of faith and turn their talent into a business.  It’s often a long hard lonely road but they do it out of a drive and passion for what they do.  Such businesses often have to balance it with another career.   It’s not easy but because they love what they do so much and get so much from that, they stick at it.

I had the good fortune to come across one such business recently.  Palles Millinery is a Dublin based business founded by two creative sisters, Sandra and Jane Palles, with an artistic flair and nothing short of hot hat passion.

Every single headpiece is handmade by the sister duo in their Dublin studio.

The best of fabrics are chosen and handmade with intricate detail.  Real handmade, as in with their talented hands, there are no sewing machines in sight.…instead you see fabulous fabrics, precious pearls & jewels, lace & pure luxury….along with two lovely ladies with a twinkle in their eye and a needle in their hand.

For me what was truly unique about Palles Millinery, or Princess Palles their trading name, is the personal service.  It’s like going to your best friend’s house – the one who looks out for you, encourages you, focuses on your best bits and makes you feel so good that you leave with a smile on your face and two feet taller (literally with some hats!).

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The other aspect of the personal service is the bespoke nature of their creations. I arrived with my forthcoming wedding guest dress into the treasure trove of delights that is their Dublin based studio. They excitedly sit me down and have me trying on all sorts of headpieces.  They know instantly what shape suits your face – there really is a hat for everyone if you have professionals looking after you.
I could have chosen ten but they knew the one for me and with a nip and a tuck, pin and a piece, they had a unique new creation on my head. WOW.  That was it, the eureka moment when you know they’ve nailed it. After I left I presume they obviously had some sewing to do as next day. I was presented with a beautiful box containing my bespoke masterpiece.

Now my dress was an outfit, the wedding an occasion – everything complete. The bride was truly beautiful but with my hat I was, in my head at least, a ‘Princess Palles’. I can see why women (and men!) through the decades but particularly the 20’s, 30’s and 60’s wore hats daily – such subtle sophistication. They truly make an outfit.
It’s one of those things, like good coffee or perhaps a tailored suit, which you really have to experience to truly appreciate. Something about a hat makes you hold your head higher.  One made for you even more so. Never again will I go to a wedding or race meeting without topping it off with a handmade hat.  The off the shelf, high street, assembly line hats just don’t cut it.

If you are looking for a lift, some girly fun and a unique outfit setter at such reasonable prices……look no further.

Amanda Longmore
Sales Dept

For information on stockists or to book a personal consultation, contact Palles Millinery via their Website or Facebook.
You can also reach Sandra or Jane on princesspalles@gmail.com
Hats for rental and for purchase.



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