Growing up in TPI!

As a student, I was used to doing as I pleased…which lectures to go to, which ones to skip, whether to study for exams or to just wing it! Nobody’s there to hold your hand and I very quickly discovered that nobody will blink an eyelid if you miss lectures, or never hand in assignments.

My first 2 college years have passed quicker than I could have possibly anticipated, but it has been the most interesting, fun, challenging, intense yet rewarding time of my life. I was only really getting comfortable in DCU when it was time to move on!

I used to think my Monday morning classes were such a waste of time, but now that I am working in the big bad world, I have discovered that the skills and knowledge I gained over my 2 years in DCU are beginning to show and are being put to good use!

I hadn’t a clue how a full time placement was going to suit me, and I am surprising myself by saying that I am loving every minute of it! The early starts, (!) the responsibilities, the rushing around, the stress; these are all outweighed by knowing that what I am doing is of huge benefit to our clients. It’s only a small thing but being able to complete a service from first point of contact right through to delivery, to the client’s satisfaction, is such a great feeling!

Rachel Condon

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