For the love of Pinterest…

I love Pinterest!

While Facebook keeps me up to date with pals and instagram with celebs, Pinterest is where I go to dream. From idyllic holiday locations, style and fashion I could only aspire to, my dream home, filled with such creative and clever ideas to delicious home cooked recipes and ridiculously healthy living…It’s what we might call ‘living the dream’.

I am not alone, Pinterest has 70 million users, proving it has something for everyone! As if my love of this site was not draining enough on my time poor days, I have had two recent life events that are going to knock it up another gear!

PicMonkey Collage1

I recently got engaged and as any Bridezilla of recent times will tell you, there is no better place than Pinterest to create the wedding scrapbook of your dreams! Every intricate detail of every intricate detail is all there for you to explore, file away and hopefully add that fabulous touch on the big day, which of course you will take the full credit for.

PicMonkey Collage2

I am also just in the final stages of buying a house having rented for the last number of years in an apartment. Many fellow renters will be familiar with the fact that your input into any form of interior decoration is very limited..the inability to put a screw in the wall, completely hindering all those tips you’ve learnt from Neville Knott! So while I don’t claim to be the most creative soul in the world and with budgets tight, Pinterest will be getting hit hard to inspire me and help make my new blank canvas into the house of interior magazines.. No pressure!

Elaine O’ Rourke

Head of Sales

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