As a proud native of Northern Ireland, I thought I knew all there was to know about flags.  It has to be said, we do love our flags up North.  I very quickly found out when asked to research flags for our Premiums Dept. here at TPI, there is definitely more to flags than meets the eye!!

What is a Flag? - a piece of material, typically rectangle or square in shape, attached at one end  to a pole or rope and used as the symbol or emblem of a country or institution or as a decoration during public festivities.

There are many different types of flags – just depends on what we want to use them for

  • National Flags – to symbolise a country
  • Event Flags –  to advertise products or events
  • Fan Flags, Car Flags, Body Flags – to show support for our favourite teams at sporting events
  • Hand Held Flags – to wave at parades
  • Table Flags – conferences, formal dining




Flags come in different shapes and sizes, landscape flags, portrait flags and angled flags to name a few.  They can be made from different materials as well, most commonly from knitted polyester, nylon materials, even paper and are available in different weights. Indoor flags, outdoor flags, double sided flags, the list is endless.


Here at the Printed Image we cater for all different types of flags – so if you have a requirement for flags, maybe you have an event you want to dress up, advertise a product, support your local rugby team, get involved in the up and coming World Cup, then give us a call we are only happy to advise and help.


TPI Premiums Dept



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