DMX Dublin 2015

DMX Dublin 2015

At TPI, we are always looking for ways to better ourselves. We are currently undergoing an online overhaul which includes looking at the different brands within the group and analysing how they present themselves online. Both Tap Creations and Runway Marketing have recently launched new websites. A new Premiums website is in the pipleline along with a major redevelopment of the TPI website.

With this comes an opportunity to engage more effectively with current customers but it also presents a platform to reel in some new prospects. Attending DMX Dublin offered a chance to gain some valuable insight from marketers at the very top of their trade. It did not disappoint!

The first and only battle of DMX was choosing which speakers to attend. At any given time, four talks were being held in different areas of The Aviva Stadium. Once decided, it was time to grab a coffee, time to sit down, time to switch off from everything bar DMX Dublin and time to immerse yourself in a day that will deliver value followed by value and more value.

I have outlined the key learnings from the three talks that delivered the most for me.

Dave Douglas – eBow Dublin

Understanding and getting the fundamentals right

Dave eBow

Key Learnings

  • Decide on your reason for a website. Is it an online presence for your brand or is it flat sales? Once decided, push that strategy
  • Less emphasis is placed on the homepage of the website in today’s world. People are landing on pages from different sources. Find out how and where people are visiting your website and optimise your pages based on this information.
  • Always ask yourself the reason of the page to the USER not to the ORGANISATION.
  • Before embarking on a website project, measure stakeholder expectations. A website cannot be all things to all men.
  • Each stakeholder in a company will want their piece of the pie, decide on the must haves, should haves and could haves. Eliminate the latter.
  • Once a website is built, not 100% but only 25% of the work is done. The journey continues…
  • For email marketing, the shorter the subject line the better.
  • If there is a form on your website, keep it simple. The lowest amounts of inputs the better.
  • How to effectively market on a B2B scale? Simple. LinkedIn, email and blog.

Beatrice Whelan – SAGE

Developing a B2B content marketing strategy for the entire funnel

Beatrice Whelan SAGE

Key Learnings

  • If you are content writing, keep topics related to industry. People follow you for a reason and that reason is most likely to be informed of industry related news.
  • Complete a full Audit of competitor content. Find out what is working for them and attempt to replicate.
  • Ask customers for feedback on your current content.
  • Discover what brand archetype (personality) your brand is. Tailor content to fit this archetype.
  • Discover what words people are searching that relate to your business. Set up specific landing pages to fit these keywords. Backlink from blogs and social media to these pages using the same keywords.
  • Google Webmaster Tools are a great asset to marketers looking to gain an insight into all of the above.

Fiona Sweeney – Kerry Foods

Embracing & creating a culture for Digital

Fiona Kerry Foods

Key Learnings

  • People are essential for change.
  • Processes and structures must be put in place. These processes must have marketing at the forefront.
  • It is a gradual progression through the investment in practices. No quick win.
  • Educational workshops to educate staff as to the processes and benefits are essential.
  • Stressing Return of Investment is key.
  • Always publicise the wins. People appreciate praise and it urges others to get more involved.

All three of the above talks have particular relevance to TPI, as like many SME’s across the country, we are coming to terms with digital practices and looking to implement procedures that will benefit us as we move forward in the ever changing technology landscape.

DMX offered to deliver on many fronts and did. 2015 is shaping up to be a big year for TPI and we look forward to tackling DMX 2016 from a different angle. Watch this space…

Cathal O’Reilly

Marketing @ TPI Group

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