Diary of an ‘oldie’ TPI MBA student

It’s that time fun time of year again and no I don’t mean Christmas ..…its end of semester Exam time!! The fact that we had completed numerous projects and assignments for each module on our course was not enough it seemed. We had even taken  a mid-term exam in one subject but the powers that be decided the we deserved to have much more fun and  wanted to give  us the opportunity to show off what we had learnt during the term.

That’s how last week, the 60 or so of us studying  the Executive MBA ended up sitting  our end of term exams  in the Smurfit School in UCD with over 2500 other UCD students for each of three exams on Monday , Wednesday and Friday. So big were the numbers that the exam hall was the Exhibition hall in the RDS. With 2500 on each of those days you needed a Sat Nav to find your seat!

It has to be said that some us ‘Oldies’ got a few looks from the younger students and not in a good way. I think the younger undergraduates thought that maybe some of the other students Dads had gotten the times wrong and had come to collect their children two hours early!!

Well when you are that old the memory does start to go a bit so it can happen.
Oh to be a young student once again, back in the days when the only worries were where the money for Monday night’s session (yes only students can do Monday night sessions) is coming from and whether it would be Cape Cod or New York as a destination for the J1 work visa programme.

Anyway at least that the books away for this term at least back to concentrating on the day job and reacquainting myself with family and friends once again. College 2 nights and week and a meeting at the weekend does not help things but at least working for a POS printing company I was able to get a good deal on a couple of cardboard cutouts of myself to put around the house. Hopefully they remember who I am otherwise it could  be McDonalds for the Christmas dinner this year!

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