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Since last week Northern Ireland shoppers joined us in the bag levy and must now pay a 5 pence charge for plastic bags for their shopping. And it’s not just plastic bags!  In addition the levy in Northern Ireland applies to all single use bags even if made from paper or starch as they are also damaging to the environment. So, whether shopping for groceries, gifts or clothing, your customers in NI must now pay for their bags.

This however might provide you with an opportunity to give something of value to your customers while advertising your brand and helping the environment with small cost.
 Sounds good doesn’t it?

Shoppers can avoid paying the levy by bringing their own bags when shopping. So why not give them a bag branded with your logo?  Not only are the useful and practical but have in recent years even become a fashion trend (Anya Hindmarch’s famous ‘I’m not a Plastic Bag’) while some brands and designers release regular new designs making them a real fashion collectible.

At TPI Premiums we supply all types of shopper bags:

With varying print techniques we can also print varying designs with some bags having minimum order quantities as low as 50 units. Turnaround time in as little as 10 days.

If, like me, you can never have enough shopping bags, your customer will really appreciate this gift. Additionally as it is highly involved in the Path to Purchase your brand is visible at all times to this customers and many many others!

So if you are interested in giving your customer a very practical gift that will advertise your brand over and over, why not contact us to discuss options or browse some of our categories below. It is just a small selection of what we can do.


Available in large range of colours. Long or Short Handles.
Eco friendly and mega trendy
Foldable & Pocket
Practical to fit in handbag or pocket on the move
Available in a range of styles & sizes


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