Clever Customer Communications

Clever Customer Communications – An offering that works when someone is delighted. . . . .

In a crowded and competitive market, differentiating yourself from competitors has never been as important. Here at The Printed Image, our tagline is Clever Customer Communications. It is more of a culture than a good tag line. Our means of Clever Customer Communications can be broken into two segments.

  • How we aid our marketing clients in communicating with their customers, to grow their sales.
  • How we communicate with our marketing clients while developing their project, to grow our sales.

Both of these segment’s combine to deliver our goal, delighting the customer. By choosing The Printed Image a client is automatically opened up to a full service function, with one point of contact. We understand marketing projects can be complex. That is why our focused and friendly account managers are there to handle and advise on the best solution for your job.

The bespoke nature of our work lends well to our first class service offering. Our bread and butter is often  guiding a project through our design studio, where our structural and graphic design team bring the idea to life. From there, we make the concept a reality. Moving  projects through our manufacturing plant and then onto our installation team who can expertly place the project in situ, wherever that may be. Dealing directly and communicating only what matters ensures you get what you want, not what people think you want, all without wasting your valuable time.

Need some add on’s? Our dedicated promotional merchandise team can advise on what complimentary products best fit the promotion. One point of contact, one invoice and one reliable organisation. It works. In 2014, TPI grew our own sales by over €1 million, without losing sight of the reason for this success, the clients and their return on investment.

We recognise that all of the above can seem complicated. TPI recognise that there is work involved in bringing all the different strands together. We pride ourselves on making the process easy for our client. The TPI account manager’s role is to primarily take the stress away from you by handling all of the internal complexities themselves. Looking after everything cradle to grave while providing clients with regular updates. The team here in Font House inject passion and experience which allows TPI to consistently deliver for clients without wasting their time.

At TPI, we recognise that not all of our clients are the same. They differ in size, spend and culture. In order to be the complete bespoke supplier, we must also change in order to accommodate these differences. While many clients appreciate the first person, interpersonal approach, some have progressed to a more technological means of Customer Communications. This is a new way forward, one we embrace as readily as our traditional offerings.

To this end TPI have developed what is essentially an online marketing portal for our clients. Any large organisation with multiple buyers, or operating in multiple locations, can benefit greatly from our customised Web2Print service. Each section has the ability to order, and personalize their printed requirements, within the specified design and brand constraints, themselves. Consistency in branding is always a concern within franchise networks and group operations. This is where TPI Web2Print portal controls are invaluable.

By choosing TPI as a supplier you are sure to receive fantastic service, great value and honest communications. We aren’t perfect as we are made up mostly of humans. But we do strive to ensure that each piece of material that we produce will aid their own Clever Customer Communications. Some don’t want to worry about the detail at all. This is fine. We do it for you. Some want complete knowledge and control. This is also fine. We work that way also. It’s bespoke communications solutions for customers, communication that works for them. It is unique and delivered in a way that makes our client feel TPI are doing the heavy lifting. When that all comes together and we delighted someone we know it is job done. The client has received the value that real and visible return on investment delivers for them. If they grow then we grow. We think that is the clever part.

Colin Culliton

CEO, The Printed Image


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