Business gets tough on all fronts

Print sales traditionally, like most industries, gets tough throughout the Summer months. With clients leaving for  well-earned summer breaks its becomes harder to get artwork signed off and orders in. To compensate for this the account manager in TPI needs to work that bit harder to keep our factory floor busy. It means following up every last enquiry with vigor and helping our clients through each process of their order to ensure its run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

With maybe a little more free time it is also a great time to try and land a new customer. TPI are always willing to help any company, large or small with their print requirements providing a great cost effective service that we believe is one of the best in the market place.

On the football front it is about this time every year things start to hot up and like sales, the margin for error becomes very small. One mistake on the factory floor or in uploading an order could cost us a loyal customer, like wise one mistake at a critical stage in a Championship game could cost a team a place in the next round.

On Sunday next Dublin and Kildare will meet in a Leinster Semi Final, talk about things getting tough!!! Kildare have been knocking on the door for a few years now and will realize they have a great chance to land a Leinster Championship this year. Under Kieran McGeeney’s tutelage they have turned into one of the fittest, strongest teams in the country.

Like TPI, through hard work and organisation Dublin will be hoping for a good Summer, Kildare will have other ideas!

Alan Brogan.

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