A Longer Lasting Relationship

Since my move to the Sales department from reception I have learned a whole lot and not just the process of a print job from start to finish!

On reception I knew the clients names and passed the calls on amongst many other tasks to keep the front desk of a busy company organised.  I was very much self-sufficient and worked on my own initiative.

Now I am dealing with some of those very clients on a daily basis, processing their job requirements, offering advice & information and most importantly building a working relationship with them. All of which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Processing jobs is easier with the helpful, talented & co-operative teams we have in Estimating, Studio, Production, Logistics and Finance.  This sort of team working is all very new to me but I have to say I am lucky to have such professional colleagues to help me. It’s like one big jigsaw puzzle that comes together with a lot of hard work, focus and determination on everyone’s part.

Even though working in a sales environment is pressurised you can’t help but feel all your hard work and effort was worth it when you see the finished product, that may have started as an idea in a conversation, leave the company and the client is happy with what they have received.  I love the feeling of great job satisfaction!

Sarah Alford

The Printed Image

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